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Please FULLY READ this page before contacting us



A - Pre-Screening: Email us the following info:


  1. Which house are you interested in renting?

  2. How soon do you plan to move in?

  3. How many people: Spouse, children, other, (pets: see pets at bottom of page) ...

  4. Where do you work? If just moving here, where will you work? (If 2 adults, give answers for each person separately )

  5. How long have you worked there? Roommate?

  6. Monthly income? Roommate income?

  7. Monthly expenses & debts

  8. Credit score, last known ( we will get an up-to-date score during the background check )

  9. Criminal history /Police record (we will do a full Background check in the Application process)

  10. How much do you: Smoke? Drink? Party?

  11. Tell us a little about you and your situation.


Read the info below:

Do you agree with the payment process stated in #E & F below before we begin?

Copy the 11 questions above and paste them into an email with the answers below each question.

Email your answers to: 



B - If you pre-qualify, we will show you the properties and you choose your new home.


C - Fill out a Full Application for each adult and pay $20 application fee to activate it.


D - We will send you a link for a  Background Check, FBI criminal record, Police reports, credit report + + +

We go through other agencies that charge to obtain your records so you pay them $35 directly.


- If you qualify, you will pay First months rent plus Security Deposit ( 2x monthly rent)


F - Rent Payments are ONLY received by Automatic Deposit from your credit/debit card or bank account.


Welcome to your new home !


- PETS - PETS - PETS - :

Everyone loves their pets, but they cause a lot of damage, averaging $3500 damage /dog.

Sometimes we will consider pets.

They will cost an extra $150 /cat & $250-500 /month /dog.

Plus an extra deposit of $1500 /cat & $3000-5000 /dog, fully refundable if no damage.

Tell us about your pets too.

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