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Cage Family Farm

Located on Cage Trail in South Boston, VA, the Cage Family Farm includes the Bob Cage Sculpture Farm. 



"Southern Virginia’s landscape is dotted with farmland and Halifax County is no exception. However, South Boston has its own unique version of this theme - and you won’t believe what you will find growing there. The town’s local artist, Bob Cage, sews the seeds of cast-off materials such as scrap metal, wire mesh and steel rebar, fertilizes them with a generous helping of creativity and imagination to produce a one-of-a-kind Sculpture Farm.

Like many farms, Mr. Cage’s acreage contains animals such as goats and burros meandering along the fields. However, these typical animals find themselves living amongst the not-so-typical as they hang out with a giant bird, a caged man and a huge orb made of wagon wheels. Yet they seem oblivious to the great works of art they use as shelter or convenient resting places. In fact, it almost appeared that the goat peering from beneath a large metallic man playing the guitar was incorporated as part of the original design - creating a true blending of man-made and organic."    By: Michelle Harper


NOTE:  Bob Cage loved sharing his creations and sculptures with the community.  Please respect the fact that the sculpture farm is on private property.  Viewing is encouraged from Cage Trail.


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